About the Chef
Doirin McLoughlin

Doirin McLoughlin is from a large family where meals were interesting cross-table exchanges and an essential communication forum.  Her mother and father both believed in a varied and healthy diet for their children and home-baking was part of growing up, with interesting aromas continually being generated from their busy kitchen.  Ireland in the 60s and 70s was relatively conservative where food was concerned, but there was nothing that wouldn't be considered as an edible option - from squid to wild mushrooms when made available.

Doirin's passion for food started at an early age.  She was never happier than when in a kitchen environment and this great love has continued throughout her life.  Having successfully completed a Cordon Bleu course, she began her exploration of cuisines from around the world - with Asian flavours a particular favourite.  Fresh produce, varied diet and the best of locally-sourced fish, seafood and meat and essential part of her fare.  Her feeling for food ensures that subtle flavours and tasty meals are the final result.  There are no shortcuts for her - everything is tried and tested and homemade stocks an essential element of her typical cooking.  Doirin is synonymous with quality fare and treats each recipe with a personal enthusiasm, as if every time is the first try!  Her family and friends are her best critics and are always available to taste her latest mastery of a new dish.

Her exploration of various cuisines has meant doing courses in Australia and Ireland and feels that there is always more to learn.  Dinner parties and cooking for large numbers is second nature to Doirin and there's nothing she enjoys more than for her clients to be fully satisfied and to ask for the recipe after enjoying their meal.  I'm a purist, says Doirin when asked about her love of cooking. Its just a continuous love affair with food!


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